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The Writing Kit series prepares students for a wide variety of English writing tasks using a step-by-step method. There are four books designed for primary school students to develop their writing skills.

Each Writing Kit book contains 12 units. The topics have been carefully selected, so it is practical and relevant to students' daily lives.

Students begin every unit by learning essential vocabulary that is pertinent to the main topic. Next, key grammar points are introduced. Students are guided to express their ideas grammatically, but also instructed to expand on them clearly. This allows students to compare and contrast as well as provide descriptive passages. At this point, students are required to read a model writing sample in order to better understand how to formulate their own ideas in a clear and coherent manner. Finally, once students make an outline, they can express their ideas in a paragraph of their own.

Writing Kit is a useful and engaging series which provides primary school students simple steps to effective writing. Workbook exercises provide for a comprehensive examination and reinforce the concepts learned in each unit. This enables students to readily build upon the skills that they have acquired. students will start to write, enjoy writing and learn to be great writers themselves!


Key Features

?Step-by-step directions that lead students through every step of the writing process.

?Theme word categorization to expand students' vocabulary and increase their knowledge of each topic.

?Writing exercises to teach students the basics of narrative writing, e-mails, reports, persuasive writing, and much more.

?Carefully selected topics that are practical and relative to students' everyday lives.

?Critical thinking exercises designed to help students formulate and structure their ideas and feelings before they begin the writing process.


Step 1: Build Up Background Knowledge

Students begin by building up their background knowledge on each topic, learning new vocabulary and separating words into theme categories.

Step 2: Build Up Writing Skills

Grammar exercises provide students with new sentence patterns which they will utilize in their writing exercises.

Step 3: Move form Sentences to Paragraphs

Students will complete writing exercises to move form sentences to paragraphs.

Step 4: Write a Short Passage博客來

After viewing a model passage, students will organize their thoughts and ideas before composing their own passage on the primary topic.

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  • 出版日期:2015/11/24
  • 語言:英文

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